UPDATED: Picture Request: People and Places French Indochina 1900-1954

Update 27 July

This in from Managing Director David Henley at Pictures From History:
“Will,  You might be interested in our French Indochina collection at Pictures From History. We specialize in East Asian, Southeast Asian and South Asian, history and culture.”
Here’s the French Indochina link (some images are pre-1900):http://www.picturesfromhistory.com/index.search.php?keywords_simple_boolean=French+Indochina&search=GO&cmd=doSearch&new=1

Best – David


UPDATE 26 June- thanks to all who have responded – but keep the suggestions coming!
Photoshot responded with this link : Photoshot Lightbox

Picture Researcher Joanne King responded with this:
Hi Will, a search of the website of the Archive d’Outres Mer in aix-en-Provence yields 190 images (inc 4 posters and 1 map, the rest photos). URL above.
If the questioner is interested in further research I’ve actually been there and speak French.

The picture research responded: “Thanks. I really appreciate the help. These are some classic photos.”

‘Hi there, I am interested searching for people and places related to French Indochina between 1900-1954. Please let me know if this place can be a source of answer for my research.’

Answers to will@photoarchivenews.com