Sport and General staff photo 1977 – recognise anyone?

S&G 1977 © unknown/supplied by David Ofield

Retired picture editor Dave Ofield has been going through his industry photo albums and sent us this shot of the staff of the Sport & General
“Will, photo taken around about 1977, I think It was taken at the retirement of John Macnee (centre standing)”

Mark Leech at Offside Sports sent this: ‘Brian Thomas, Tony Sapiano, Julian Parker, Hugh Routledge and Roy Chaplin’
And a PPHP follower on Instagram said ‘Is that Dave Benett on the right?!’
Photographer Cisotti Max just confirmed Dave B bottom right.
Peter Dare of PR photo agency Dare Hier sent this “
I think John Rodgers is centre front row (Grey hair). He owned S&G and also Barretts Photo Press” if you recognise any others!