Searching for: Dutch photographer Carel Blazer photo prints

By March 13, 2020 Will Carleton

This just in from a PPHP reader:

Dear colleague,
In 1937 Dutch photographer Carel Blazer went to the Spanish Civil War on the side of the republican government. Helped by cineasts Joris Ivens and Luis Bunuel (who was stationed at the Paris embassy of the republic then) he had the opportunity to make pictures in hospitals, schools and sometimes at the front. He met with Robert Capa and was there when Ernest Hemingway handed over the ambulances that Hollywood and New York artists donated to the republic in danger.
We are really excited to know where Carel Blazer, then 25 year old, made his reports in 1937. His photographs were in the Spanish Pavilion at the Paris World Exhibition that year. He has told about it shortly before he died, now 40 years ago.
But only a couple of his press prints have survived in the Netherlands. When the Germans occupied the country in 1940, Blazer -fearing the nazis- destroyed his archive of more than 1000 negatives of his Spanish period.
We know that a lot of his prints were then already distributed all over the world by his Dutch and foreign agencies.
I hope that you can find prints of his stay in Spain. Is there a possibility that there are in your archive photographs – perhaps in the meantime renamed by another agency – with on the back the name of Carel Blazer?
Can you please look this up for me?

Answers on an email please