Picture Post 1939 – Fleet Street By Night photographer revealed

As I am on a continual search for anything related to the processes of newspaper photography in Fleet Street (it’s a rarely published subject!) I found the feature above in a copy of Picture Post magazine published in March 1939 – but no photographer was mentioned – I had to find out…
I Posted a few shots of the feature on my Instagram feed and found the answer! If you have Instagram you can find it on our feed, if you don’t here’s how the information came in below a couple of the feature pages…


  • raytangmedia

    Thank you for sharing:-)


  • photoarchivenews

    @raytangmediacool …be good to find out who the photographer was – and where those negatives are now !


  • ashpics_45

    To think they could still get this amount of images to picture desks around the world without the internet in those days still amazes me.


  • jeffmo69

    @photoarchivenews Getty maybe if they exist still . Lots of the photographers kept there negs


  • jeffmo69

    I’d guess Kurt Hutton . Grace Robertson may know .


  • photoarchivenews

    @jeffmo69 yes, same thoughts – I’ll look up Matt at the Hulton Getty Archive London or @bob_ahern may know…?


  • jeffmo69

    @photoarchivenews look like Leica pictures don’t look like berts , and Kurt Hutton was the other person who was using Leica and playing with pushing film


  • bob_ahern

    @photoarchivenews@jeffmo69 super post and this set was by the great pioneer Felix Man (Felix Baumann I believe and the negs will be with the wonderful Picture Post collection at the Getty Images Archive…great to see this get another day out here!


  • mrpixed

    Brilliant stuff – must hunt down that copy.


  • photoarchivenews

    @bob_ahern cheers for the update Bob – another photo research request solved 👌


  • jeffmo69

    @photoarchivenews@bob_ahern thanks , how could I forget him :-)