Photopress Fleet Street

By June 29, 2016 Will Carleton

Update: PA Images are looking into it.

Update: This in from a reader at our site: Hi Will.
Hope all is well. I believe photo press was acquired by London news service /sport and general then acquired by empics then acquired by PA.

Latest enquiry in from a UK book publisher looking to clear copyrights on a 1930’s Photopress image –
Dear Will,

I came across your website and I wondered whether you might be able to shed any light on Photopress, who operated in Fleet street in the 1930s? We’re doing a book with the Royal Institution, who hold photos stamped with the Photopress logo on the back, but I’m unable to uncover whether they were bought and therefore whether anyone still holds the copyright to this photo (attached).

I’d be very grateful for any information you might have.