Searching For: Portman Press Bureau

Dear Mr Carleton,

I ‘m looking for any information there is about the above. In September 1937 they took photographs of the wedding of Barbara Strachey & Wolf Halpern at the Marylebone Town Hall. On the back of the photograph I have seen is the address: 31 Pavilion Road, Sloane Street, SW1.

With best wishes
Alec J

Answers on an email

Update: 9 Jan 2014 – this in from Catherine V.

“Your post rings a bell because my parent’s marriage photos were taken by the above;
each and every print has the PPB stamp on the reverse (December 1960).”

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For Sale: Aircraft camera, flown over Mount Everest on the 1933 Houston Expedition

At Bonhams TRAVEL & EXPLORATION auction 4 December Est: £2,000 – 4,000

Williamson Manufacturing Company: a New Type P.14 hand held aircraft camera, flown over Mount Everest on the 1933 Houston Expedition cross-hair type viewfinder, twin hand grips, crackle finish, no. 108, 8.5in f4.5 Ross Xpres lens (no. 128751), and detachable plateholder 290 x 210 x 210mm.; together with contemporary canvas and leather case and related documentation.

Details: Bonhams TRAVEL & EXPLORATION London, Knightsbridge 4 Dec 2013 11:00 GMT

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Planet News pic – Count Basie 1960′s – more images please

UPDATE 10:30: this in from picture library Topfoto who now hold the Planet News picture collection.

Hi Will
24 October 1957
4 negs in the bag! and are in good shape. – They are being scanned as I type.

Below is the rest of the shoot! – Thanks to John Balean at Topfoto:

Posted 9:30am IMG_2683
This in from former Times photo library staffer Bruce Miles.
See his article: Remembering Fleet Street

‘Hi Will,
The attached photo was taken in the early 60`s by Planet News on the occasion of the presentation of a sculptured bust of Count Basie at Dobell`s jazz record shop in Charing Cross Road. The sculpture was done by my then wife Elaine Stratton. There were other shots taken and so I`d be keen to see them. Does anyone know anything about these pics ? Does Planet News still exist ?’

Planet news is now held at the Topfoto picture library – the PPHP has put Bruce in touch with Topfoto and we will report back on any other images found from this shoot – when the archivist has time to dig through the files….

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Remembering Fleet Street: Bruce Miles – The Times picture department 1950′s

Bruce Miles (photo above) has contacted me by phone wanting to find out more about the photo department of the Times Newspaper where he worked at the age of 15 from 1951 to 1954. Bruce wanted to record his memories working at the great newspaper and was interested to see if I could find any images from that time.
I emailed Chris Whalley – head of the Times photo archive – who sent over a couple of images as starters!
Mr Ulric Van den Bogaerde (L) and Mr Grimwade on the Times Picture Desk | File PHOT0013c665 | ©Times Newspapers Ltd

This from Bruce Miles – more to follow….
Hi Will,
As promised here are a few memories of my time at The Times newspaper when it was situated in Victoria Street during 1951-54. The staff photographers then were Bill Warhurst. Barker, Greenwood, and Risley. In the retouching studio were Ted Roe and others who’s names I`m not sure of. The darkrooms were the domain of Fred Winter a true cockney who wore immaculate bight suits and bow ties. The art editor Ulric van den Bogarde`s secretary was a Mr. Hickman and there were two night editors Budge and Bottomley. The negative filing department was on Victoria Street run by a Mr. Wooley or Wooloff. If you need to prompt me for anything else let me know. Only too glad to help. Hope this will be of some interest.

Two further photographers were Cathal O`Gorman and Fred Shepherd along with Jack Barker and Eric Greenwood. O`Gorman I think took the Queen`s coronation shots from our position on the Queen Victoria memorial outside the palace on `long Tom`the huge telephoto lens which I had been responsible for watching over during the night.

Kind regards
Bruce Miles

I hope to be working with the Times and Bruce to complete this article with a few more images.

Pictured: Ulric Van den Bogaerde. Art editor of The Times newspaper for 35 years. Pictured here with his staff ( Left-Right ) Mr J Budge, Deputy Picture Editor. Mr Ulric Van den Bogaerde, Picture Editor. Mr C O’Gorman, Photographer. Mr William / Bill Warhurst, Photographer at work in the Art department 10th March 1950.
© Times Newspapers Ltd

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Searching for: London based photographer / archive Tomas Jaski (Zbigniew Jastrzebski)

Tomas Jaski – real name Mr Zbigniew Jastrzebski
• Born in 1927.
• A director/photographer at Tomas Jaski Limited. Established in 1961, dissolved 2001.
• Thomas Jaski took official photographs at the Royal Academy of Music for many years until c.late 1980s.

This in from an email today:
I am looking and have been looking for years now, for the photographs that Tomas Jaski took of my niece’s christening (Eleanor Virgo) at Westminster Abbey in May 1991, which features several photographs of my children.
Tomas Jaski had a ground floor studio and shop front at 38 Wellington Street, London WC2 in the 1980s. He is no longer at this address.
My late mother has only one photograph of this event and the code on the back is: 91128-39, which I believe is Jaski’s code for the photographs I am looking for.
Tomas Jaski took the photographs for many of the weddings and events at Westminster Abbey but was not their official photographer.
Tomas Jaski had a ground floor studio and shop front at 38 Wellington Street, London WC2 in the 1980s. He is no longer at this address.

If you know the whereabouts of Tomas or his archive please contact – phone UK 07802437827

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Searching for: Images – Teddy Baldock champion British Boxer 1920′s

Teddy Baldock Topical Times

Baldock KO's Felix Friedmann 30 March 1927
Baldock v’s Felix Friedmann 30 March 1927 – Express Newspaper

WEDDING Feb 12 1931 Daily Sketch
WEDDING Feb 12 1931 Daily Sketch

This in from Martin Sax the grandson of British Boxer Teddy Baldock:
Dear Will

I’m hoping that you may be able to advise me on Press Agencies to contact ref trying to find images of my Grandfather Teddy Baldock who was once the hero of British Boxing when he won the world bantamweight championship in 1927. He appeared almost weekly in the National Press from 1926 to 1931.

I have contacted the main agencies:

Solo Syndication
Getty Images

Because my grandfather appeared in so many magazines of the time ie Topical Times, The Football and Sports Favorite, All Sports Weekly, The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News I always wonder if there are any smaller agencies who would have the photo archives from these independent magazines of the time.

Any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards


The PPHP have spoken with Martin who is trying to build a record of his Granfathers boxing career through newspaper reports and photos: If you have any images Martin can get prints from of license for publications please contact him here:

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Lewis Morley Photographer 1925 – 2013

From London photo agency ArenalPal: Lewis Morley, who has died aged 88, was a photographer and artist who was at the heart of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ cultural revolution, taking iconic portraits of Christine Keeler, David Frost, Joe Orton, Michael Caine, Albert Finney and many more.

ArenaPAL have a collection of nearly 100 Lewis Morley images online, all available for editorial use – please see above for preview.

View Lewis Morley images via ArenaPal
View full obit here: Sydney Morning Herald
View Lewis Morley photography timeline here:

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Image copyright search: Merle Oberon at home in the 1950s

Pt2_10_TonyDuquette_OBJECTS_CAPTION_ 36 copy

Hi Will – Please can you kindly place the following on your site
Can anyone please help me trace the copyright owner of photo of Merle Oberon at home in the 1950s? Tony Duquette Inc in California sent me the photo but there is no information on the back of their print. We want to use it in a book.
Please contact Liz Moore (liz AT if you can help.

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Fox Photos photographer Reggie Speller – a short bio from the Hulton Archives

Behind The Scenes at the Getty Images Archive: Reggie Speller from Hulton Archive on Vimeo.

Great insight here from Matthew Butson, Vice President, Hulton Archive at Getty Images into the Fox Photos photographer Reggie Speller

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Picture Research – Copyrights to clear – Various photographers / agencies

UPDATED 4:30pm: Through our vast network of photo agencies and picture libraries reading the and websites – we have already reconnected images owners with an image buyer seeking to clear otherwise untraceable copyrights – cheers! see list updated in Bold

Original request at 2:15 PM:

This in from a documentary film company in London:

Dear Will,

Nice to speak with you on the phone briefly.
I have selection of photographs of John Ogdon that I am trying to get clearance for use within our BBC4 documentary. Our documentary John Ogdon: Living With Genius is a celebration of the life and works of the British classical pianist. We are working closely with John’s widow: Brenda, his two children and his musical contemporaries.

Please let me know if you have contact details for any of the following:

Arthur Burns Manchester
Allegro and Frederick Bass
Anthony Crickmay – -at Camera Press
Anthony Crickmay and S Hurock (New York)
Barratts, Fleet Street – at Alpha Press
David Huban
Geoffrey Rivett
Grade One Photographic, London
Godfrey Argent – at Camera Press
Klaus Hennch, 8044, Zurich
Pictorial Press Ltd - still running
Ronald H Armstrong , Sydney
Stephens Orr, Glasgow

This in from Julia Ruxton Picture Manager LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING LIMITED

Hi Will

I’m not sure how helpful this is, but Anthony Crickmay’s pre-1987 photos are at the Theatre Museum. It is only those after 1987 at Camera Press, though maybe he didn’t give them his copyright.


If you own any of these collections please email me: – thanks

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