Photo Special: Guardian Picture Desk 1980′s – who took the shot? – were you there?

This photo in from Alan Sparrow (Executive Picture Editor – Metro) © ?
L to R: Roger Tooth, Guardian, At back Frank Martin rtd, Denis Thorpe rtd, Mike Huckle dkrm mangr rtd, Martin Argles photographer now freelancing, Mrs Crook ,Brian Crooks wife, Eamonn McCabe Picture Editor, Ted West photog decd, Garry Weaser photog rtd, Dave Connolly printer, Brian Crook retiring pic ed, Dave Willis printer, Sally Hodder pic desk assistant, Dave Sillitoe photog still on the staff, John Pilkington previous picture editor, At back Alan Sparrow dep pic ed, Frank Baron photog, Picture researcher (forgotten her name ), Ken Saunders photog rtd, Graham Turner still at Guardian.

This photo in from Alan Sparrow (Executive Picture Editor – Metro) “Hi Will, here is a photograph of the Guardian picture desk from the eighties.’I know all the people in the photograph and the occasion and in fact I got it from David [Sillitoe] . I can’t remember who took the pic but I guess it was one of those in the pic , an early selfie ! ”

If you would like to add an comments to this shot or you knew where (looks like a bar/restaurant!) and who took it please email or call me on:
+44 (0)7802 437827 office: 01622320011

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Terry Chambers Photographer and co-owner of Fox Photos dies aged 70

MB 001
↑ Terry at his desk at Fox Photos 10th Oct 1961 © Getty Images/Hulton Archive

MB 002 Foxstamp
↑ Police press pass photo – 26th Jan 1967 and a Fox Photos stamp © Getty Images/Hulton Archive

Photographer Terry Chambers has died aged 70. Terry passed away last week, he was a co-owner of Fox Photos in the ’70′s.

More on Terry’s life from his friends with images and a radio interview on

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Searching For: London News Agency Photos Ltd 1933 (not at PA)

Dear Will,

It has been suggested to me by Colin Panter of the Press Association that you just might know what has happened to the photographic copyright of pictures taken by London News Agency Photos Ltd. I am looking for the copyright details of a photo taken by the agency in March 1933 of my uncle, composer Walter Leigh.

I would be extremely grateful for any leads or information you may have.

With many thanks,

Joanna Wright

Answers on an email to: office:01622320011

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Found & Licensed: Planet News Ltd image – Elephant & Castle

This image was reconnected by the Press Photo History Project through Topfoto who now hold the Planet News Ltd archive.
‘Many thanks Will. I will be happy to send over a document showing the context in which we would like to use the image.’
Best wishes

original request:
Dear Will

I am working with Southwark Pensioners Centre on a community heritage project about the history of G Baldwin & Co in Walworth. We would like to use the attached image in our free project booklet which will be distributed to local people.

The copyright is held by Planet News Ltd.

I saw via Google that you had been able to help with a similar search.

We will be happy to make a donation for this service.

Many thanks


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Searching For: Pressfoto News Service & Press Photo News Service

Hi Will

I am trying to track down copyright (if it still persists) in the attached photo. I can find various online references to both Pressfoto News Service and Press Photo News Service but they all seem to lead to eBay so I just wondered whether you know if they are part of the Press Photos International Photo News Service listed on the PPHP website? If so do you happen to know who represents them now?

The Franfurter Illustrierte Zeitung has ceased publication so no help there!

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks very much
Picture Manager
Major publishing house – London

Answers on an email please:

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Searching For: Portman Press Bureau

Dear Mr Carleton,

I ‘m looking for any information there is about the above. In September 1937 they took photographs of the wedding of Barbara Strachey & Wolf Halpern at the Marylebone Town Hall. On the back of the photograph I have seen is the address: 31 Pavilion Road, Sloane Street, SW1.

With best wishes
Alec J

Answers on an email

Update: 9 Jan 2014 – this in from Catherine V.

“Your post rings a bell because my parent’s marriage photos were taken by the above;
each and every print has the PPB stamp on the reverse (December 1960).”

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For Sale: Aircraft camera, flown over Mount Everest on the 1933 Houston Expedition

At Bonhams TRAVEL & EXPLORATION auction 4 December Est: £2,000 – 4,000

Williamson Manufacturing Company: a New Type P.14 hand held aircraft camera, flown over Mount Everest on the 1933 Houston Expedition cross-hair type viewfinder, twin hand grips, crackle finish, no. 108, 8.5in f4.5 Ross Xpres lens (no. 128751), and detachable plateholder 290 x 210 x 210mm.; together with contemporary canvas and leather case and related documentation.

Details: Bonhams TRAVEL & EXPLORATION London, Knightsbridge 4 Dec 2013 11:00 GMT

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Planet News pic – Count Basie 1960′s – more images please

UPDATE 10:30: this in from picture library Topfoto who now hold the Planet News picture collection.

Hi Will
24 October 1957
4 negs in the bag! and are in good shape. – They are being scanned as I type.

Below is the rest of the shoot! – Thanks to John Balean at Topfoto:

Posted 9:30am IMG_2683
This in from former Times photo library staffer Bruce Miles.
See his article: Remembering Fleet Street

‘Hi Will,
The attached photo was taken in the early 60`s by Planet News on the occasion of the presentation of a sculptured bust of Count Basie at Dobell`s jazz record shop in Charing Cross Road. The sculpture was done by my then wife Elaine Stratton. There were other shots taken and so I`d be keen to see them. Does anyone know anything about these pics ? Does Planet News still exist ?’

Planet news is now held at the Topfoto picture library – the PPHP has put Bruce in touch with Topfoto and we will report back on any other images found from this shoot – when the archivist has time to dig through the files….

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Remembering Fleet Street: Bruce Miles – The Times picture department 1950′s

Bruce Miles (photo above) has contacted me by phone wanting to find out more about the photo department of the Times Newspaper where he worked at the age of 15 from 1951 to 1954. Bruce wanted to record his memories working at the great newspaper and was interested to see if I could find any images from that time.
I emailed Chris Whalley – head of the Times photo archive – who sent over a couple of images as starters!
Mr Ulric Van den Bogaerde (L) and Mr Grimwade on the Times Picture Desk | File PHOT0013c665 | ©Times Newspapers Ltd

This from Bruce Miles – more to follow….
Hi Will,
As promised here are a few memories of my time at The Times newspaper when it was situated in Victoria Street during 1951-54. The staff photographers then were Bill Warhurst. Barker, Greenwood, and Risley. In the retouching studio were Ted Roe and others who’s names I`m not sure of. The darkrooms were the domain of Fred Winter a true cockney who wore immaculate bight suits and bow ties. The art editor Ulric van den Bogarde`s secretary was a Mr. Hickman and there were two night editors Budge and Bottomley. The negative filing department was on Victoria Street run by a Mr. Wooley or Wooloff. If you need to prompt me for anything else let me know. Only too glad to help. Hope this will be of some interest.

Two further photographers were Cathal O`Gorman and Fred Shepherd along with Jack Barker and Eric Greenwood. O`Gorman I think took the Queen`s coronation shots from our position on the Queen Victoria memorial outside the palace on `long Tom`the huge telephoto lens which I had been responsible for watching over during the night.

Kind regards
Bruce Miles

I hope to be working with the Times and Bruce to complete this article with a few more images.

Pictured: Ulric Van den Bogaerde. Art editor of The Times newspaper for 35 years. Pictured here with his staff ( Left-Right ) Mr J Budge, Deputy Picture Editor. Mr Ulric Van den Bogaerde, Picture Editor. Mr C O’Gorman, Photographer. Mr William / Bill Warhurst, Photographer at work in the Art department 10th March 1950.
© Times Newspapers Ltd

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Searching for: London based photographer / archive Tomas Jaski (Zbigniew Jastrzebski)

Tomas Jaski – real name Mr Zbigniew Jastrzebski
• Born in 1927.
• A director/photographer at Tomas Jaski Limited. Established in 1961, dissolved 2001.
• Thomas Jaski took official photographs at the Royal Academy of Music for many years until c.late 1980s.

This in from an email today:
I am looking and have been looking for years now, for the photographs that Tomas Jaski took of my niece’s christening (Eleanor Virgo) at Westminster Abbey in May 1991, which features several photographs of my children.
Tomas Jaski had a ground floor studio and shop front at 38 Wellington Street, London WC2 in the 1980s. He is no longer at this address.
My late mother has only one photograph of this event and the code on the back is: 91128-39, which I believe is Jaski’s code for the photographs I am looking for.
Tomas Jaski took the photographs for many of the weddings and events at Westminster Abbey but was not their official photographer.
Tomas Jaski had a ground floor studio and shop front at 38 Wellington Street, London WC2 in the 1980s. He is no longer at this address.

If you know the whereabouts of Tomas or his archive please contact – phone UK 07802437827

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