Searching for: Photographer Geoffrey Douglas Bolton – copyright to clear

This in from a London production company:
Good news – I have managed to make contact with relatives of the photographer ‘Smedley’, so this case can be closed now. Thank you for your help.
I wondered though if you might be able to make another post for us, relating to another photographer which we are trying to contact?
We are trying to track down a photographer, the details of which are as follows:

Geoffrey Douglas Bolton
Geoffrey Douglas Bolton published a variety of photographic travel books during the 1950s.
We would like to make contact with any relative or representative of Geoffrey Douglas Bolton regarding use of one of his stills.

Details and info to

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AP’s Nick Ut – People Magazine interview

People Magazine have run a full interview with AP photographer Nick Ut about his experience covering the Napalm attack he photographed in 1972. People Magazine

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2nd Central Press Photos staff gathering sees ‘friends’ fly in from Australia, Spain and Italy

↑ Meet the Class of Central Press Photos 62,63, 64…and Beyond

This photo in from Mike Conway who told PPHP: “Meet the Class of 62,63, 64…and Beyond. All gathered on the steps of the Knights Templar public house in Chancery Lane 17th May for a further major reunion of former Central Press Photos employees.”
“Twelve months on from the inaugural gathering the numbers were boosted to 19 by the arrival of colleagues from Australia, Spain and Italy, newly found CeePee vets in the Uk and a couple of welcome ‘Friends of Central Press’ to make it a truly special occasions.”
“A passer by was collared to ensure that everyone was in the frame for this very special image that all present will treasure.”

In the photo are ‘Central Pressers’ Alan Sparrow, Roger Jackson, Ernie Smith, Clifford Kent, Rob Taggart, Michael basstoe, John Sheppard, John Hercock, Ricky Macgregor, 2 x Brian Jones, Michael Stephans, Alan Coomes, John Wormley, Mike Conway, Roger Taylor. ‘Friends of Ceepee’ include Tony sapiano, Glenn Copus and Richard Watt (four others were unable to attend because of clash of holiday dates)

• View the 1st reunion photos and back stories to Central Press Photos Here
• View all Central Press articles Here

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Searching For: Carlton Artists – Advertising Photographers – Portman Square London

Updated: 29 May 2014
↑ This in from Press Photo History Project reader: Justin Cowley
“Hello will ,
Here is photo I managed to find . My father John Cowley is in middle sitting on stool with back to us , I know his friend Mike Sargent op with blonde hair and white shirt but who the others are I’m afraid i do not know. This was taken I think in 1958/59″

4 March 2014
This in from PPHP reader Rebecca Warren:

‘My father used to work for Carleton Artists (could be ‘Carlton’ Artists) in Portman Square in 1959. They used to photograph many different adverts for publications such as women’s weekly and Hawkins Bazaar. He has been trying to trace them and i was wondering if you have heard anything about them?’

Answers on an email please: | Call Will on 07802437827 – Thanks

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Looking For: Sport and General photo agency Staff 1959 – 1960

PPHP reader Philip Lawrence has sent us this note:

‘I used to work at Sport and General Press Agency in Gough Square between  1959 and early 1961, firstly as a messenger and then trainee in the darkrooms downstairs. I’d like to get in touch with anyone who was also there at the same time. Please get in touch by email I look forward to hearing from you.’

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‘The Golden Age of Photojournalism’ – the story of three photographic businesses 1930′s – 50′s

Intro image PMAG
↑ Alex McLaren self portrait with MPP camera

A fascinating new photographic exhibition at Perth Museum & Art Gallery, Perth & Kinross Council, tells the story of three Perth photographic businesses at a time when the demand for newspaper photography grew hugely.
Details on

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R.I.P. Bertram Garai – Keystone Press Agency London

The staff at Keystone Press Agency around 1981.

Sad news in from the family of Bertram Garai this morning -
“Dear Mr Carleton, this is to inform you for your records that my father, Bertram Garai (nbr 10 in your photo!), passed away peacefully at the age of 94 on Tuesday last week, January 21 at his own home in Surrey.

Kind regards
from his children,
Andrew and Robert Garai, and Caroline Bennett

The funeral will take place at 16:00 on Thursday, Feb 6 at :

St Mary the Virgin
Church Hill
GU21 4QQ

And afterwards at Chobham Golf Club, GU21 2TZ.
If you do have the sense that anyone in your circles would like to attend, naturally we would be happy to welcome them.
If you are planning to attend it would be helpful for organisational reasons to kindly inform us in advance, Please call 07802437827 or email Will Carleton on – who will then forward your details to the family.

More about Bertie and Keystone on our Keystone Press Agency 1981 where are they now?

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Searching for: Photographer Frank Reynolds – motorcycle trade photographer (1970′s)

Frank Reynolds (1970′s): police inquiry
Surrey Police have contacted the PPHP looking to trace the photographer Frank Reynolds.
Frank took photographs that appeared in a magazine titled; “The Motor Cycle and Cycle Trader” magazine in the mid 1970’s. The police believe he may be a witness and may be able to assist them with a current investigation. Frank may also have taken photographs for Honda.
“It would be greatly appreciated if your contributors or broader photographic community could assist police trace Mr Reynolds. ”
Contact details for Surrey Police would be by telephone 01483632150 (DC Glen Simpson) or 01483639208 (DS Dan Voller).

Or contact – 07802 437827 if you would rather.

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Searching for: Photographer Sam Lambert – architectural photographer

UPDATE 4 March 2014: Found – The PPHP now has information and copyright details for Sam Lambert collection – if you need these please email | Call 07802437827.
And this in from Carrie at the Tate: “Will – thank you so much for posting the request and babysitting it – really glad that it’s turned something up.”

The Rights Clearance dept at a public London art gallery have contacted the PPHP looking for contact details for the estate of photographer Sam Lambert.
They say: Dear Will,

I’m working on the Transforming Tate Britain: Archive & Access project, a major initiative aiming to digitise, and make available online, the archives of 52 artists in our collection.

There are a number of photographs in Ben Nicholson’s archive taken by a photographer called SAM LAMBERT and I am trying to trace contact details for his estate. I wondered whether you might be able to post my request for information on your site board to see whether anyone has any clues? From what I have gleaned so far, he was primarily known as an architectural photographer.

If you or your contributors/broader photographic community could help in anyway that would be wonderful.

Many thanks in advance for your time.

Kind regards

Answers on an email or call please and I will put you in touch: Office 01622 320011 (UK)

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Photo Special: Guardian Picture Desk 1980′s – who took the shot? – were you there?

This photo in from Alan Sparrow (Executive Picture Editor – Metro) © ?
L to R: Roger Tooth, Guardian, At back Frank Martin rtd, Denis Thorpe rtd, Mike Huckle dkrm mangr rtd, Martin Argles photographer now freelancing, Mrs Crook ,Brian Crooks wife, Eamonn McCabe Picture Editor, Ted West photog decd, Garry Weaser photog rtd, Dave Connolly printer, Brian Crook retiring pic ed, Dave Willis printer, Sally Hodder pic desk assistant, Dave Sillitoe photog still on the staff, John Pilkington previous picture editor, At back Alan Sparrow dep pic ed, Frank Baron photog, Picture researcher (forgotten her name ), Ken Saunders photog rtd, Graham Turner still at Guardian.

This photo in from Alan Sparrow (Executive Picture Editor – Metro) “Hi Will, here is a photograph of the Guardian picture desk from the eighties.’I know all the people in the photograph and the occasion and in fact I got it from David [Sillitoe] . I can’t remember who took the pic but I guess it was one of those in the pic , an early selfie ! ”

If you would like to add an comments to this shot or you knew where (looks like a bar/restaurant!) and who took it please email or call me on:
+44 (0)7802 437827 office: 01622320011

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