Launched: New York Times photo archives get full exposure via new Tumblr blog

The New York Times is embracing it’s photo archives with the launch of a new blog on Tumblr called The Lively Morgue

• Read more about the project here

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Watch: Terry Fincher – award-winning Fleet Street photographer – ‘This is Your Life’

This in from Press Photo History Project contributor David Levenson:

“Hi Will

I thought that you might be interested in this.

Terry Fincher on This Is Your Life, April 21st 1976
My wife Lucy had this recording of her Dad on an old VHS tape, and we just got it digitised. I have uploaded it to YouTube. Just via Facebook, it has already had nearly 500 views in a couple of days! I love the opening shot where his business partner at Photographers International, Paul Sargent, brings him into meet Struan Cooper, the Daily Express picture editor. A Fleet Street picture desk in its heyday!”

Watch Terry here

• Lucy Levenson was a photographer. Firstly working for her dad at Photographers International ( It was very much a family firm – her sister Jayne and Sally, and her mum, all worked there ) and then she freelanced for magazines for many years. For the last few years she has been a textile artist ( )
• View other PPHP articles contributed by David

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Copyrights to clear: Photographers Saranjeet Walia & Mark Kaufman

UPDATED 18 Feb: this in from Will at Sports Illustrated:
Hi Will, Sports Illustrated now represents Neil Leifer, and we also handle some of Mark Kauffman’s work. Getty Images handles our licensing and syndication. – Thanks Will.

16 Feb: This in from a UK Art museum wanting to clear copyrights, the PPHP just helped them with the contact for Pictorial Press here’s the next request:

“Hi Will, Thanks so much (again)! I am also trying to trace a couple of photographers or their Estates.”

1) Saranjeet Walia (who worked in Scotland, including with the artist Ian Breakwell)
2) Mark Kaufman (US Photographer; worked in the early 60’s for Life and Time magazine but they have no information).

Answers on an email please: or – Thanks.

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Staff photo: Universal Pictorial Press and Agency – UPPA – 1982

This photo in from Dean Osborne, Picture Editor Daily Star Sunday -that’s him ↑ second in from the right on the bottom row.

• Tom Whipps, Martin Spaven (Former S People pic ed now freelance photographer), Jack Cockings, Paul Kerridge, Terry Smith, Richard Brown, Peter Meager, Gary Dunn (still at UPPA/Photoshot) David Kilburn, Neil Twyford.
• (Middle Row LtoR) Phil Harrison, Jules Lyne, Amanda Jobson (freelance photographer), Ken Goodman, Vic Streater, Jim Dickson, Richard Pelham (chief sports photographer at The Sun), Julia Dare, Peter Dare (Director at Photoshot)
• (Front Row LtoR) Brian Bird, Les Graves, Jo Healey, Jason ?, Mark Palmer, Dean Osborne (Pic Ed at Daily Star Sunday), Jane Strurridge.

this from Dean last week
Afternoon Will,

Hope all’s good with you.
I’ve found this image of the staff of UPPA taken for the retirement of manager Ken Goodman in (I think) 1982 at the office studios in 30-34 New Bridge Street, EC4.
Not sure if UPPA were/are a big enough agency to feature on your photo history page but please feel free to add it if you are interested. I’ve put a left to right caption below and in brackets are the current positions (I know of)

If you know the others (and what they are doing now) drop me a line and I will fill in the gaps. – Cheers again for taking the time on this Dean!

• UPPA was bought in 2004 and the absorbed into Photoshot. View UPPA articles on the PPHP

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Searching for: LNA image early 1930s – N. London cabinet-making

LAN V4337 c1930? North London cabinet-making Reverse LNA V4337
c1930? North London cabinet-making

Dear Will

Many thanks for your time earlier.

Here is the front and back of the photo I am trying to identify.

It was most probably taken in the early 1930s but I can’t be sure. It was almost certainly taken in North London – Haringey, Palmers Green areas perhaps.
The man standing on the front left with glasses is my grandfather – William Purvis or (Purves).

I would really love to find out more about where/when this was taken, if it appeared in the local press, and whether there are other photos in the sequence still in existence.
With very many thanks for offering to post this on your site and to circulate.

Best wishes

PPHP: LNA has been split between a few existing image libraries – if you represent the early part of the collection and can help on this image email and I will put you in touch.

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Searching for: Harry Smith Horticultural Photograph Collection – 1950s, 60s and 70s


This in from PPHP reader Sarah McDonald, Heritage Collections Manager at the Royal Horticultural Society

Hello Will,

Hope you’re very well? I’ve inherited a photographic collection in my new job at RHS and am trying to track down some info or photographers.
I wonder if it’s possible to put a call out on the Press Photo History site?

We are trying to trace any photographers who worked for, or had work placed with, the Harry Smith Horticultural Photograph Collection which operated out of Hyde Hall, Essex in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The colour library became Garden World Images but we have inherited the black and white archives. We’d be pleased to hear from any-one with information about this collection. In particular the photographers: Dick Robinson, Kathleen Rastell, Les Hammett, Anthony Huxley, peter Hunt, Nancy Mary Goodall, Ernest Crowson, JE Downward.
Please contact Tel: 020 7821 3654

Many thanks and all the best,


Sarah is in communication with photo library Garden World Images – just looking for any more information PPHP readers may be able to come up with.

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Searching for: Images – Teddy Baldock champion British Boxer 1920′s

Updated 15 Oct 2014 The Press Photo History Project is now working on finding more images and footage on Teddy Baldock. Any leads to

First notice Sept 26 2013
Teddy Baldock Topical Times

Baldock KO's Felix Friedmann 30 March 1927
Baldock v’s Felix Friedmann 30 March 1927 – Express Newspaper

WEDDING Feb 12 1931 Daily Sketch
WEDDING Feb 12 1931 Daily Sketch

This in from Martin Sax the grandson of British Boxer Teddy Baldock:
Dear Will

I’m hoping that you may be able to advise me on Press Agencies to contact ref trying to find images of my Grandfather Teddy Baldock who was once the hero of British Boxing when he won the world bantamweight championship in 1927. He appeared almost weekly in the National Press from 1926 to 1931.

I have contacted the main agencies:

Solo Syndication
Getty Images

Because my grandfather appeared in so many magazines of the time ie Topical Times, The Football and Sports Favorite, All Sports Weekly, The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News I always wonder if there are any smaller agencies who would have the photo archives from these independent magazines of the time.

Any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards


All enquires to or Will on 07802437827

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Neg search: Sweatman Hedgeland Ltd Maidstone, Kent

A Press Photo History reader is trying to trace the negative archive of Maidstone, Kent based photo agency Sweatman Hedgeland Ltd.

Hi Will,
This may be a long shot, I am a military vehicle historian and researcher and have recently obtained a small set of original photos of RAF trailers taken by Sweatman hedgeland photographers of Maidstone and would appreciate your assistance in obtaining a contact to find out if any of these world war two photos or negs are still in existence. Maidstone is in my area and i understand that the owner has recently died i believe at the beginning of this year and the reason i have contacted you is the company is in your listings, any assistance would be greatly appreciated

It appears the owner of the agency Peter Hedgeland passed away at the beginning of this year. If you have any details please email or call Will UK mobile:07802437827 office:01622320011 Email will (at) – Thanks.


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Owners found: Various orphaned images

Latest photos reunited through the PPHP. – cheers!

Dear Will,

Thanks for your help. I seem to have stumbled on just the right place and person.

I am writing a book for a small Amercan publisher in Oregon about the evacuation of children to America in World War II. There are a few photos I would like to consider using and would like to have permission to do so and find out what conditions or charge there would be.

The credits in the History are given as

Central Press Photos Terry Chambers: Lord Carrington, Bob Worcester and the Queen.
Alpha Photography/ Sport and general: Mrs. Roosevelt presented with flowers
Planet News: General Marshall and Prime Minister Attlee
PA: Attlee and Eisenhower
PA: Duke of Edinburgh, General Ridgeway, Churchill

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Alfred James Robinson – 56 years Staff at London News Agency Photos Ltd 1908 – 1964

UPDATED 16 Feb 2015: Via the PPHP Sue has placed Alfred’s images for representation at Kent, UK based photo agency Topfoto. The images were scanned and keyworded and are now available to license here
AND a contribution from any sale will be coming back to the Press Photo History Project. Thank you Sue.

I recently met with Sue Bonnington the granddaughter of a chap who worked in the photo department of London News Agency in Fleet Street for most of his working life…even returning in retirement. The LNA is an agency we are regularly asked to trace photo licensing enquires for. Thousand of their prints survive in newspaper archives around the world but the negative archive has disappeared. LNA was one of the leading agencies in the golden days of UK press photography so to have this detail from Sue is just great.

Here is the working life of Alfred James Robinson – London News Agency Photos 1908 – 1964

↑ Alfred James Robinson – London News Agency Photos 1908 – 1964

Sue’s email to the Press Photo History Project:
Dear Will

I have been reading with interest the work that you are doing in compiling information about the Fleet Street news agencies.
My Grandfather Alfred Robinson worked as a photographer for the London News Agency from a young boy in the early 1900′s in fact he worked there from the day it started. I don’t actually know the date he started work there but I do have a presentation cigarette case (see photos below) for his 40 years service on the 40th birthday of LNA presented by Thomas McArthur. I have several photo’s of him and his colleagues who he worked with.
When he passed away in 1977 I was left his collection of photo’s which he took or printed during his time there. They include 2nd world war, royal family, silver screen film stars and general interest photo’s. Most of them have the LNA stamp on the back and a press release write up.
I would love to show you the collection for your advice of what to do with them as they are of great social interest.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Best wishes
Sue Bonnington

↑ Sue with her Grandfathers cigarette case – and close up of the engraving ↓



Alfred with his camera
Timeline for Alfred James Robinson
Date or Birth: 2nd May 1894 in Greenwich, London.
He grew up in Islington the son of Alfred Robinson, who worked as a warehouseman for the Daily Express newspaper in Fleet Street.

Alfred left school aged 14 in 1908 and started work as a printer for the newly established London News Agency Photo’s Ltd – 46 Fleet Street and by 1914 he had become a staff photographer for the agency.

He served throughout WW1 with the 5th Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps in 1915 -1918 and the 31st Squadron of the RAF until 1919 as an air mechanic and observer photographer serving in France, Egypt, India and Afghanistan and clocked up over 600 hours flying time taking thousands of Arial photographs behind enemy lines.

He returned to LNA and continued to work for them as a press photographer until the agency closed in 1964 having worked for the LNA for 56 years. During that time he received his 40 year service award of cigarette case in 1948 on the 40th Anniversary of the LNA. He also received a watch for his 50th year service award and a clock on leaving the LNA in 1964.
He continued to work every day in Fleet Street for Industrial Photographic Features (London) Ltd. until his death on 4th June 1977 aged 83.
All photos supplied by Alfred’s Granddaughter Sue Bonnington

↑ A wonderful early photo of Alfred with LNA workmates in what looks like a Fleet Street pub after work

↑ Alfred with workmates photographed on what looks like the roof of the LNA building Fleet Street

↑ Alfred at work printing photos at the LNA offices Fleet Street

↑ Alfred preparing a shoot in the LNA studio

↑ Alfred with workmates at LNA offices Fleet Street

↑ London News Agency 46 Fleet Street

↑ Alfred with Thomas McArthur, Director of the LNA

↑ Alfred photographed in the LNA offices

↑ Alfred receiving a watch from Thomas McArthur for his 50 years service award

↑ A clock as his “retirement” award after 56 years service

↑ Alfred in the RAF (1918) aged 22. Stationed in Risalpur India Rank: Air Mechanic 1st Class Rank (2nd) Photographer

↑ other workmates or Key staff at LNA?


If you have any LNA information please drop me a line

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